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Our Company’s History

Over 102 years ago, leveraging hard work, dedication, and extensive industry relationships, Clarence C. Pierce founded C.C. Pierce in 1922. In 1944, the standards that were established continued with Philip T. Chase taking the helm until 1968, at which time Rogers S. Chase assumed management of the Company.

In 1971, Russell Chase joined his brother, Rogers, in ownership, and later became President in 1978. Through his leadership and direction, Russell nurtured and grew C.C. Pierce into what has become one of the most respected, dedicated, and sales driven agencies in New England.

His nephew, Brooks Chase, joined the Company in 1993, eventually becoming a partner in 1998, and then President in 2005. Brooks is currently one of the youngest people running a leading agency in New England. Brooks brings continued growth and success to C.C. Pierce through his commitment to the foundations of hard work, dedication, and established relationships.

During the Spring of 2020, with our goal to continually grow C.C. Pierce, complemented by our success in New England, we expanded our sales territory into Upstate New York. As a front runner in this market, we have developed notable sales opportunities, with an experienced and dedicated sales team. We continue our successful formula by bringing award-winning service to our customers and manufacturers

Our Company’s History
Our Company’s History

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