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Manufacturers’ Representative


Our New England Manufacturers

  • Wire Mesh Cable Tray Systems
  • Ladder Tray
  • Series 5, 6 Cable Tray
  • Shielded Cable Tray
  • Com-Tray (computer, communications)

Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable, Underground Feeder Cable, and
Building Wire.

  • HDPE Conduit
  • Cable-in-Conduit
  • Bull Line® Pull Tape

Premier U.S.A. Manufacturer of Material Handling and Storage Solutions for the Electrical Industry. Featuring Shark Cart™ and Spool Boss™ Brands.

  • NEMA 1, 3, 3R Pull Boxes
  • NEMA 1, Lay In, Wireway/Duct
  • NEMA 4, 12, 4X Junction Boxes
  • NEMA 12 Modular Enclosures

Stock in Southboro, MA

Fiberglass Conduit, Fittings, Elbows, and Accessories UL 2196 Certified 2-Hour Fire Rated – both Vertically and Horizontally

Cold-Roll-Formed Steel Channels in Solid or Perforated Back Sections. Available in Ten Finishes with WIZARD™ Accessories.

Complete Line of Underground Duct Spacing Systems and Accessories for Construction, Civil Engineers, Developers, and Utility Companies.

Over 100 years of German Designed, Manufacturing Expertise, a Global Leader in Hand Tools and the World’s Largest Professional Plier Manufacturer.

Custom NEMA Enclosures and Fabrications in Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel and Aluminum
Expedited Deliveries Available

Ship from Lynn, MA

  • Cable Ties
  • Connector, Terminal BLOKS™
  • Connectors – Easy Twist™, Lugs
  • Grounding Products
  • Insulating, Easy-Splice™, ID &
    Panel Channel

Conduit and Cable Fittings made of Zinc Die Cast, Malleable Iron, Steel, or Plastic.

Select stock in Connecticut.

American Supplier of innovative, reliable custom Fasteners, with high fill rates and same-day shipping.

Pre-insulated Connectors for Easy Installation with Black & Vision Tap®. Clear Options Rated to Higher Ampacities for Safe Paralleling.

Since 1963, American Manufacturer of Electrical Connectors & Cabling Accessories with unmatched product depth & custom made solutions.

Mechanical or Digital Timers, Sensors, & Photocontrols for Professional-Grade Performance & Reliable
Code Compliance.

  • Specialty Tape
  • Vinyl Electric Tape

  • Fiberglass Products
  • Fiberglass/Polymer Concrete
  • Primary Sectionalizing Cabinets
  • Pole Top Extensions
  • Plastic (HDPE) Boxes & Access Boxes

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

  • Steel Boxes
  • Weatherproof Enclosures
  • Lighting Products
  • PREFAB Products

  • THHN/THWN-2HS (High Speed)
  • XHHW-2 HS
  • Industrial, MV 5-35KV, LSOH
  • Datacom, ELE, Cord & Cordset
  • Fiber, Solar, Wind, Hydro
  • OEM

  • MV5-46KV, LSOH, AL, URD
  • Splices and Terminations
  • Fiber, Airguard™ Cable
  • Airport, Roadway Lighting Cable
  • Lifeline Fire Resistive Cables
  • Transit, Signal, Communication Cables

  • Aluminum Alloy
  • XHHW-2 HS (High Speed)
  • FeederPlex HS® XHHW-2MC Cable, SEU & SER Cables
  • Underground Service Cable & Overhead Cable
  • Renewables (Solar, Wind)

  • Steel EMT Conduit
  • Steel IMC Conduit
  • Steel Rigid Conduit
  • Aluminum Rigid Conduit

  • PVC Cements
  • Firestop Products
  • Pulling Heads
  • Aerosols/Solvents

Since the 1940′s State-of-the-Art
Non-Metallic Electrical Enclosures for
Outdoor and Indoor Industrial use.

Complete Package of Electrical Heating and Ventilation for the Residential, Commercial, and HVAC Markets – Brands: Raywall, Markel, Fostoria, Columbus

Originators of Duct Spacers and
Non Metallic Cable Racks for the
Power and Communication Industry.